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SHAKE-128 HASH Generator Online

SHAKE-128 hash function generator generates a SHAKE-128 hash which can be used as secure 64 Hexadecimal password as default used for optimal asymmetric encryption padding.

It will generate 64 characters (suppots output bits) of SHAKE-128 hash string and it can not be reversible.

Use output bits input field to increase the hash function output to make it more secure. Default output bits are 256 which generates 64 hexadecimal digits..

How to Generate SHAKE-128 Hash?

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  • Step 2: Click on Generate SHAKE-128 HASH Online.
  • Step 3: Use Copy to Clipboard functionality to copy the generated SHAKE-128 hash.

What is SHAKE-128 HASH?

SHAKE-128 is part of SHA-3 (Secure Hash Algorithm 3) released by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on Aug 2015.

What is SHA-3 HASH?

SHA-3 (Secure Hash Algorithm 3) is the latest member of the Secure Hash Algorithm family of standards, released by NIST on August 5, 2015. Although part of the same series of standards, SHA-3 is internally different from the MD5-like structure of SHA-1 and SHA-2.

SHA-3 is a subset of the broader cryptographic primitive family Keccak (/ˈkɛtʃæk/ or /ˈkɛtʃɑːk/), designed by Guido Bertoni, Joan Daemen, Michaël Peeters, and Gilles Van Assche, building upon RadioGatún. Keccak's authors have proposed additional uses for the function, not (yet) standardized by NIST, including a stream cipher, an authenticated encryption system, a "tree" hashing scheme for faster hashing on certain architectures, and AEAD ciphers Keyak and Ketje.

Keccak is based on a novel approach called sponge construction.[13] Sponge construction is based on a wide random function or random permutation, and allows inputting ("absorbing" in sponge terminology) any amount of data, and outputting ("squeezing") any amount of data, while acting as a pseudorandom function with regard to all previous inputs. This leads to great flexibility.

NIST does not currently plan to withdraw SHA-2 or remove it from the revised Secure Hash Standard.[needs update?] The purpose of SHA-3 is that it can be directly substituted for SHA-2 in current applications if necessary, and to significantly improve the robustness of NIST's overall hash algorithm toolkit.

The creators of the Keccak algorithms and the SHA-3 functions suggest using the faster function KangarooTwelve with adjusted parameters and a new tree hashing mode without extra overhead for small message sizes.

To learn more about SHAKE-128 Hash, please visit SHA3.

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Output: Generated SHAKE-128 Hash with 256 output bits.


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