FAQ - Format.asia

What is Format.asia?

Format.asia is an online script editor, beautifier, minifier, converter of JSON, XML, HTML, CSS, RSS etc, Data Convertor, String/Number Functionalities.

I don't know how to write data / programs on Format.asia. Are there any samples available?

Yes, in each format tool we provided an example already. Just click on Example button to load them

is there any memory or time constraints for the submitted programs?

Yes, they are as follows: beautify time: 5 seconds, minify time: 5 seconds

What is the size limit for the source code, input and output?

1 MB. For better performance data size should be upto 100KB.

What encoding is used in the source code and in the input stream?


What should I do when I get internal error?

Resubmit your code once or twice. If that doesn't help please Contact us.

How can I get in touch with you?

Please send us feedback or your valuable suggestions at Contact us