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Base32 Decode is easy to use tool to decode base32 data to plain text. Copy, Paste and Decode.

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What is Base32?

Base32 is numeral system of base-32 which uses 32 digit set and can be represented by 5 bits.

Base32 is the base-32 numeral system. It uses a set of 32 digits, each of which can be represented by 5 bits (25). One way to represent Base32 numbers in a human-readable way is by using a standard 32-character set, such as the twenty-two upper-case letters A–V and the digits 0-9. However, many other variations are used in different contexts.

The rest of this article discusses the use of Base32 for representing byte strings, not unsigned integer numbers, similar to the way Base64 works.

This is an example of a Base32 representation using the previously described 32-character set (IPFS CIDv1 in Base32 upper-case encoding): BAFYBEICZSSCDSBS7FFQZ55ASQDF3SMV6KLCW3GOFSZVWLYARCI47BGF354

To learn more about Base32, please visit Base32 Wikipedia page.


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